About Us


Legacy Center for Peace and Transparency is an impartial research, educational and empowerment Center whose mission is to promote peace, good governance, democracy, and sustainable development. Legacy Center was established in the United States with core operations in Somalia. Our aim is to conduct high quality research that culminates in innovative practical recommendations for policy and practice in the following thematic areas:

  • Good governance
  • Peace, equality and democratic values and practices
  • Sustainable development (in particular, livelihoods)

Legacy Center’s research also focuses on promoting and strengthening democratic values and practices. In order to attain these objectives, the Center understands the scale of work that must be undertaken by various stakeholders such as governments, target groups, academia, civil society, religious organizations and private sector who must bolster institutional capacities. This is necessary for attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). Legacy Center believes that research and development of human and institutional capacity will fast track implementation of economic and social dimensions of sustainable development.

Mission: To create and strengthen participatory research practices across all pertinent sectors to build sustainable livelihoods and advance culture of peace, civil and political rights, and democratic values.

Vision: A hostility free, prosperous, stable and democratic society where people and     institutions in all spheres of society act with integrity, peace and transparency.

Merit: Legacy Center for Peace & Transparency strives for high quality and accuracy in all its undertakings and upshots. To attain this objective, the Legacy Center for Peace & Transparency welcomes constructive feedback on its doings from stakeholders.

Do no harm: An as independent research organization, the Legacy Center will address critical issues for the purpose of promoting good governance, democracy, sustainable development and peace. However, throughout its work, the Center will attempt not to inadvertently cause harm on individual, entity, or nation.